Our expertise

Our consultants work with decision makers in many change management projects or in the evaluation of public policies. Here are some examples of the services we provide :


  • For public services (local and regional authorities, State agencies or ministries) : Drafting of management or Department projects, strategic definition of new organizations, implementation of new territorial organizations of social activities
  • For all concerned actors : implementation of new laws and regulations
  • For hospitals and specialized institutions from the health and social sector : Drafting of institution projects, implementation of new organizations
  • For hospitals : Drafting and/or implementation of medical projects


  • Help in the implementation of new agencies, social bodies (e.g. House for Disabled people)
  • Help in the implementation of new organizations following new regulations or legislations, evolution of existing measures or implementation of new social systems
  • Organization of emergency Departments in hospitals and other specialized Departments
  • Change management in the implementation of new organization in particular following organizational audits

    Organizational diagnosis

  • Organizational diagnosis / functional audit for the following institutions
  • Specialized institutions and services as for example, child houses, institutions for disabled or elderly people, social services intervening at home, etc.
  • Internal and external evaluation of certified institutions
  • Local and regional authorities, State services and agencies
  • Local health centers

    Evaluation of public policies

  • Regional evaluations of the implementation of social public policies (policies in favor of child hood, young people, disabled people, elderly people, social integration)
  • Implementing of social projects in the local territories
  • Realization of studies, comparative analysis of measures
  • Evaluation of social measures, satisfaction of customers, cost analysis
  • Comparative analysis of social measures (costs, expenses, offer, etc.)
  • Organization of conferences

    Human Resources

  • Studies about human resources dedicated to public policies (social and health policies)
  • Coaching of management staff in team management, organization, change management, …
  • Studies about HR management and work organization in specialized institutions in particular in nurseries, institutions for disabled or elderly people…
  • Strategic assistance in the drafting of new clauses of collective agreements, negotiations with social partners, etc.

    Computer and software technologies

  • Assistance in the choice of new software technologies in the social and health sector (definition of needs, project definition, drafting of bids, analysis of offers, project management, cost analysis, scenario analysis…)
  • Assistance in the implementation of new electronic devices and software technologies (project and change management, training, communication…)
  • Evaluation of the needs of professionals from the health and social sector regarding computer and software technologies