European approach

It is important for us to offer to our clients a European approach. We believe that the European dimension can offer an accurate and interesting level of comparison regarding various ways of care.

Indeed, European countries are facing the same structural issues (ageing of the population, demand of higher service quality from users and their families, restriction of public funds…), and therefore we believe it is useful to provide our clients with a comparative dimension which will enable them to enlarge and enrich their traditional approach.

We have also noticed that some users, who were not necessarily living close to borders, prefer going abroad to have access to better services (namely in Belgium, for the elderly), which obviously is a source of concern for public decision makers.

Last but not least, the current debates at European level concerning social services of general interest might call into question the organization of the entire sector in France.

Therefore Cekoïa Counsulting aims at advising public decision makers thoroughly, while anticipating the evolutions to come.